General Site Information

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE must be worn at all times whilst on any part of the site, this includes:

  • Hi-Vis Jackets or Vests
  • Safety Footwear
  • Hard Hats **Bump caps will not be permitted**

Emergency Procedures


In the event of any injury you should immediately call for assistance from a qualified first aider, the first aiders on site are as follows:
Site Manager: Trevor Heatrick
Site Foreman: Paul Heatrick
**The designated first aiders can be distinguished by the white & green first aid hard hats as shown in the picture.**


In the event of fire please make your way to the designated fire assembly point located at the sites car parking area as shown.

Site Rules

  1. No animals are permitted on site.
  2. No passengers are allowed into the facility, they must disembark at the weighbridge area and re-join when the vehicle is exiting the site.
  3. Do not dispose of personal litter on site.
  4. The use of mobile phones onsite is prohibited whilst driving.
  5. Do not enter the site during tea breaks (10:00AM -> 10:15AM), or lunch time (1:00PM -> 1:30PM). Please park safely beside the weighbridge during these times and await instruction from the site foreman.
  6. Do not exceed the site speed limit of 10MPH.

Site Usage

  1. Drive slow and observe all road signage and markings on site, ensuring you give way to oncoming traffic when required.
  2. All vehicles must weigh in and out of the site using the automated weighbridge and take care to ensure no damage is caused to the barrier system.
  3. Site staff may refuse entry to and vehicle/driver if he/she feels they may compromise the safety of onsite personnel.
  4. Only trained and authorized drivers are permitted on site.
  5. Report all incidents, vehicle damage, near misses or fire concerns immediately.

Site Map

**Please ensure that you follow the traffic management as outlined in the drawing below**

created by dji camera